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Nordman: SideShowBob, was kind of funny watching the calves lol.FreeWilly: Everyone will be using it, like bitcoin, except with the 30min Transfer time, but instant pay.Shareholder: biodork, where the site keeps scrolling up and down randomly without interference.Coinessa: What were building today is the underpinning of the future -Jeremy Millar.Agent86: lunae, True but there is some overlap between whales and devs.

Zebra: NickH, NickH, pass our regards to Amanda when she visit devs:D.ETCisthewinner: Dash will be at 10 trillion if Eth hits10 billion.NooberDog: lmao the whale who just bought like 100 btc in dash is going to lose so much money. how does he expect that to play out lmao.NooberDog: noobtrader, the opportunity this creates for a short on the flip side is insane. i expect dash to go back to 15usd easily.I was in a trade and collapse the trollbox typically during those times.Badfish: Damnit only the prominent coins are getting recongnition.

BathrobeBillionaire: if they can pull it off this year, it will be HUGE.especially CASPER.SixCent: terrybeth, you need to wear rubber shoes or it wont work.Priapus: The ETH sell wall comes and goes, something to someone trying to hold the price down.

Luck547: eyejay, I can enter 2 or 60. but among them. like other offers.DalalBuffet: nguyenphuctien, wall is to scare off, it shall be taken down.Nordman: onlinehandelen247, not interested it raises red flags where I live.Zebra: wbe4ever, i actually do, and I know you have nothing to do with this show.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, Uh, no, space travel is a very real thing as the families of dead astronauts will surely tell you.Mirai: btcnerd, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.

Febo: Michex, Not to mention number of transactions in last year increased 6 times.Trading and investing in digital assets is highly volatile and comes with many risks.Bigolas: Pbitty, Please respond to your ticket and let support know what you are seeing.Xoblort: ah663214, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, but confirmed.Mirai: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.DixieFlatline: i bet if etf gets approved price goes down short term. if i was a fund manager, i buy etf shares for long term, and immediately lend them out to be shorted.

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BathrobeBillionaire: Coinmaker, I bought 10 btc worth of SYS back in September.sold at a huge loss 2 weeks ago.SideShowBob: crack6t, i understand that as a kid we didnt eat meat but once a week but we saved.

Wolfofbitstreet: I have never seen this arena both: so positive, and so credible.OneDollarBill: stotoyan, i am a shrimp now, so i have to do that. when i grow up and be a whale, then i will be more cautious:D.EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome: Pink, cool, just wondering whether I should get my brother to change his password, given he never logs in.

Enforcer: BathrobeBillionaire, they stated they want a private blockchain so no one can see transfers etc, and u realize we are talking about bank consortium, money.Agent86: CoinDreamer, The bitcoin Maximalist would say the rising tide of Bitcoin lifts all crypto.Broketmrw: Whales really dont want ETH to grow, 500btc sell order in ETH now.

MrMint: biodork, then there is still the issue with FCT withdraws. mentioned it yesterday here too.BrainStormer: Mirai, this is the address 1Hp9NQovZwWAVG9LrA5vFmW24QCDeqnpaa.Mirai: POLO TIP: Want to show respect to another user or award them some reputation.Coinmaker: BathrobeBillionaire, why you think that. and whats your short then.Squidlings: I think dash with instant pay, visible and invisible payment is the key to their success.SideShowBob: RickRoller, you sent over 1000000 in one furnett0716, Your sending wallet should give you a txid that you can search for on a block explorer.Xoblort: furnett0716, Once you get the confirmation you should see it on this page as pending.

Mirai: pr0blematik, one moment please, let me look into that for you.SideShowBob: and now because of that i can eat meat everyday if i wish.OneDollarBill: i am playing with fire. managed to short dash 2 times now with profits:DD.It is too complicated and not possible to get that kind of funding in this landscape.Zebra: Anondran, old news, the coins are redistributed 10 times over since that time STOP THE FUD.MrSputnik: ravos, I would rather call it privacy. taxation is theft.

Agent86: Dash Evolution looks fairly promising, I finally read all about it last night.Nordman: onlinehandelen247, yeah have checked out such before, rather stay under the radar.Mythology & Collected Myths.

SideShowBob: Shamoo, no but i know a few before they made their first coins.Mirai: corinne.isherwood, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.