Buying moneros anonymously

ButcherofBallyhoo: PumpyBrewster, your mythology will make you poor.TheChandler: BTC looks sideways 3 or 4 more days Its still working on that right shoulder there.

Leppaludi: one darknet market cant hold up the price forever all hype and no development.But in simple terms, we keep most of the coins in cold storage.VenomGhost: FreakinJohn, Sorry I wouldnt know about that but you should check the wallet website and their forums.VenomGhost: chrisg1912, The oops message is related to how your email provider handles the redirection nothing to worry about.Banhammer: jose-398e banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.CryptoCatfish: doughboy, Every dollar is worth 10 dollars on your trade.Snorlax: lobujit, Of course nobody can tell the future, but I do not expect dash to succeed.BlackAmine: iamdanielmills, you have a link or just spreading fud.

FreeWilly: snipbit, thanks, but it will probably be fixed one day.Obit33: lobujit, ah very well, you do know. better then I thought.Britbear13: but its just got big problems and offers really nothing unique and in high demand.It has been my best trade so far. and Ive made my share of mistakes lol.FreakinJohn: pantokrator.azib, does adding nodes speed it up.Denominator: fiat, gold, silver all controlled crypto to a certain point as well.ShrinkYourPerusals: Bitcoin was a terrible investment in 2016 (compared to ETH and XMR ).In my eyes the best project, and for investors as well due to the undervalued aspect.Tempers: stephenmac7: that is not how bonding works. bonding is mostly about the signatory.

Xr1977: Herbalist, Quite funny to see what happens to gamers from your home town:).Herbalist: KerCHING, yeah thought so. well ill give it a try i mean i knew nothing about trading but learned everything form scratch 2.RiSCiSO: China has been buying record amounts of gold since atleast 2012.PumpyBrewster: ButcherofBallyhoo, oh here we go, bring bitcoin into it. satoshi also was the first, and it was an experiment.Banhammer: tone0018 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.Xr1977: Herbalist, yeah man used to hang at crazy games where he used to hang around before he started mega.This is it for btc (short term) later in the year the price will be much higher once it regains catalysts.

H7USHKA: SolarPowered, Do you guys give tours of your Wilimington Office.Zebra: Denominator, yeah, can you sell me some for the price you mentioned.

RiSCiSO: GodAlmighty, all you need to know about it is that is always goes up in th elong run and very diversified.JohnsJohnJohnny: lobujit, but I dont trust sending my 500 dash over the internet to someone called moocowmoo. 500 dash and half the masternode reward would be great.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, We have to think critically about all these coins.Not one has made it mainstream.They are high risk investments.NooberDog: frenchfry, i run a page with whales on it talking about shorting dash:o.Leppaludi: funny watching she short sellers panicking, shorting is only for people that know what they are doing.SideShowBob: its gonna be 73F here today and thats almost too hot for this time of year i want cooler weather.LordOfTheDogs666: Wyattiverson, have had mine in for 3 monts lol.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, like he says himself, use common sense.SideShowBob: lookup, good idea however even with just 6 btc 20 dollar swings can make a quick 100 then you inch up the holdings.

Thought you meant if someone went slighty above you in the orderbooks.Aminer: dash has gone to high to fast It will pull back on profit taking.Zebra: bfwebb22, I heard of new exchanges trading dash already, however I knew nothing about that proposal.There was no point in the US invading another country because a group of a few people decided to take down the towers.Yukerboy: i took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind.SolarPowered: TM3K, Please make an account and then file a support ticket at so support can help out.I only us it on a pullback thats unjustified like XMR 50% retrace and I got back in.Banhammer: bitcointroll banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.I just love to log on poloniex and see my best coin known as startis perform like that.

Zebra: genbit23, nah, I just leave in very comfortable timezone:D.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, Their front end is terrible at this stage.You have to be savvy to use the wallet.Dash is going up.i run a page with some whales on it, they are lookin.Banhammer: phil-831c banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by j33hopper.SolarPowered: 7d03, Some coins seem to be a bit slower this week seems lots of news is about.SideShowBob: j33hopper, mabe if you dint bludgen em all it would be less of a mess.Khilone: Fresh from the CEO of stratis: It is with great pleasure that I can announce, tomorrow will be the Alpha release of our bitcoin Full Node Daemon.VenomGhost: mineriacrypto, You will have to read the help page of the wallet you decide to use.Dumpbusters: trying to find the right coin is a game of whack-a-mole.

Tempers: i would prefer it if no one gave me marks. they seem bad.You have to research for yourself, cuz a shill one day is a hater the next.Hal: theBunk, oh yeah i shouldve said aeon, thats the correct answer.Koyaanisqatsi: sweet im creeping up on polouser in the ranking.Hal: Hipnotic, unless it reaches XMR market cap i dont care:P.

JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, also gold already has a 7 trillion market cap and crypto has 20 billion which makes the upside for crypto insane in comparison to gold.BrainStormer: lookup, Well Earth is flat because we see only the surface from our eyes.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, thats a joke in the worlld of finance, that is not going to cause mass adoption.JacquesLeGrand: who gets offended by a message on the internet lol:D.Su100: lobujit, still the price has risen too much in too shhort. that usually gets up a dump:).CryptoBuc: fearlessness, cool calm and collected, logical thinking, precision timing, steady hands - All things I wish I had while manscaping that I have while trading.