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QubitCryptoReaper: angelitto, pretty sure the last ban is the one that counts.FistfulShekel: Jumandji1980, iam so sorry for that bleep happening, xoxol.

Mufasa: sure keiser is very aware and he def acted in a you cant touch me fashion. knew they wouold never pursue certain things or keiser cus they knew its not him but.Bazaar: peacebeuponallmessengers, you obvously didnt listen to the podcast as I just dropped it in trollbox 2min ago.Kaitokid: billbobob2684, yes again, do your research on dash and XMR and find out.CryptoBitSeeker: Gravychain, Zebra, sigh, the problem with crypto is that requires a lot of knowledge.Banhammer: 102304 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.Oldgamejunk: zeto0128, Lets watch the price predictions please, thank you.Xoblort: Refrain from hype predictions please.Thank you.This is a trollbox not some Numbers-Bingo.Bdead: altcoinhere, it could be a reasonably good point to buy.BCBB: Watchtower, Yes it is. (Hard work to keep her thinking like that) the recent btc price rise over christmas helped her understand it wasnt fake).

CryptoCrunch: billbobob2684, i love kim chee. but everyone i know hates it.Kaitokid: banished, yepp even bitcoins there are just a few exceptions.TrickOrTreat: we should delist GNT the shi t just extract our money.AbyNormal: Katoomer, one year I think, I member it had one huge pump to 800k last year.Mufasa: my altcoin is going to make its entereance. will shake the web.

CryptoBitSeeker: theBunk, its a interesting study of behavior, because most claim to be libertarian.FearNGreed: angelitto, no the chart makes me not want to buy GNT not the fud.Xoblort: swagettiyolognese, Best doing your own research in this.

LordKazoom: DontBeScared, I think it has an earth-shaking future.Shinn: introvert, there is 11 million rep and only 7.11 million dash.

Puffit710: CoinsWatch92, but how many green candles can QTL gets in row.It can take up to 48 hours for response please let me know if it takes longer and.

Shinn: BrainStormer, when a coin is already trading on a different exchange, dont expect a notice in advance.Cruznik02: Rebeltrev, it sure it it dropped a whole.5 percent.Kakarachi: Hal, yup exactly, a lot of this move in dash is just shorters getting owned.Nordman: billbobob2684, pigeons are a rock dove fromthe middle east that have been domesticated and spread around the world.Follow redditquette and the rules of reddit. be it a sticky or on the side listed as buy and sell opportunity. that would be great as when Moneros Kovri.

Xoblort: POLO TIP: You can opt out of email validation for withdrawals if you have 2FA enabled.MartinHyska: medbenchaou, be aware on polo, they add also non-crypto coins, so y can easy burn.Xoblort: BeginnerRun, Lets ease up a bit on the advertising when you return PLEASE, thank you.ZWhale: billbobob2684, I am not sure I understand your question.NisshinMaru: i just want to know how i can delete my account here, is that so hard.Xoblort: btcnerd, maybe I was too fast there, have fun and thank you.Watchtower: maikelban, please, do you have a reason to believe in this, and lets not start that Fork spam if not.SerialShiller: XRP is a good short, as many whales might sell it soon.

HexualSeaIings: VTC already implemented segwit, and big things in the next month comming.Mufasa: a lot of undercoverfs that vast majority def not aware of and wont believe it.Tradechat Archive 2017 Feb 19 Page2. the buy orders on GNT look good but they keep getting pushed through. DASH nearly went past moneros marketcap.Ali.sofyansah-0e50: lol GNT will lose its reputation with this kind of thing.CryptoBitSeeker: ZWhale, well you are funding a cabal, crypto should be equal.I transfered some burst to my account and its not showing after 45mins.SerialShiller: Shinn, i mean XRP devs can issue coins whenever they want.The ICEX analysts team presents a technical analysis of the Monero crypto currency, Monero - number 9 by capitalization among the Cryptocurrencies, on the weekly.