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The question was if Monero, Dash and other anonCoins are REALLY safe.Well I suppose it could be exchanged for crypto-rubles for 13% fee.

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In addition, they also have a long history of engaging in attacks on individuals and competing projects whom they perceived as threats.Not sure if I entirely understand all of it, but of what I understand, it seems plausible and novel.To the extent that the Constitution is algorithmically objective then no forks are created.

So Zcash is almost certainly a honeypot, with even less privacy than Bitcoin.I was taught that every lock can be unlocked, it is just a matter of time when.There are some smart people holding decent amounts of Monero so im sure they are interested to see this.If people are unwilling to hold them, then they are effectively not valuing them, thus nobody will accept them for service, etc., etc. Capital gains tax and hopeful speculation about how they will be treated (taxed) in the future incentivizes holding, which boosts value, which boosts acceptance, etc.

There will only be a few altcoins remaining at the end game which aggregate all the features of the others.The oasis market was around just long enough to convince AB to add it then as soon as they did it pulled an exit scam.

I especially like how Dash is able to fund development and marketing.Billions in profits actively looking for new investment opportunities without paying taxes.Tradechat Archive 2017 Feb 19 Page2. At any rate,,. Mufasa: after. DASH nearly went past moneros marketcap pumba2988:.

Many were bought with cash, and many were bought on an exchange what is now shutdown and there are no records.

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They were aiming to be taken seriously as the challenger to Bitcoin.Quote from: ridery99 on August 16, 2017, 01:45:46 PM These were the hype tech coins of the 2014-2016 era, This year had ethereum and who knows what will be pumped next.Monero is not something that a novice trader can make their living on.

Anonymint aka iamnotback has been a Monero fan and contributor for a long time.I believe this anon coin will eventually out do the others and is very cheap at the moment.Topic: [XMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency (Read 4215077 times. there were 22 927 lines of code over the first 8. My OT two moneros.Jihan has all his balls in play to capture all the outflow and using relativity to extract our money from us.As I understand it, he had proposed a different way of using the zkSNARKs to make it fast for real-time payments in his project.Also, I have not been able to find the same personal level of criminal culpability in the EU laws yet in my searches.Just to be clear, my animosity towards Anonymint is due to his constant claims of having an amazing solution, while never releasing it. e.g. He comes into a technical discussion, points out what he perceives to be a flaw, and claims his solution fixes the flaw.

I see little point in discussing this here any further since the author of the blog in question has been banned on this forum.Analytics could be done for every crypto (except for Zcash) yes, but it would be especially attractive to do that on a crypto where its users think they are anonymous.What does the author mean when he says Tor is a honeypot too.But who decides who is a criminal in a supposedly anonymous network.

This report states over 87% of all transactions were able to be traced back to the real output and their study extends to RingCT.Nevertheless I put a lot of effort into that blog, research, etc. and yes I do want to be appropriately recognized for my efforts.You had better be taking profits on this current bubble (although it might still run up for more weeks or months).I agree, and would in fact love an opportunity to sell a kidney if Monero hit 2.50 ever again.So far, it proved to be really hard tracing Monero transactions with their respective identities.Years of development can not be replace by article or hype of new anon coin.Quote from: callback on August 05, 2017, 02:00:47 AM Ring CT has a single point of failure, once its exploited the whole thing is blown.Bitcoin will have a transparent base layer, with second layer privacy, while Monero will have a private base layer, and the exact same second layer privacy.Yesterday, Verge Dev proofed on Twitter that Monero user-IPs can be found in the network.

Anyone who has half a brain knows that all cryptocurrencies are highly experimental, and thus prone to failure.The thing is, that many projects already, from financial corporations to Ethereum itself, have praised the approach of Zcash and are looking themselves to implement that solution in their own blockchains.

Unfortunately this type of censorship campaign is standard operating procedure for the Monero core team.The problem with Monero is that it is much harder to scale, if compared to Bitcoin.This is how some of my friends from Iran was able to play games that was forbidden to be played from Iran.To succeed at the large scale requires humility, objectivity, and openness.Firstly, not many people are going to trust this info and believe there are some unsolvable security problems with these coins.Open source means that everyone can read what is in code so see what is there.Today, this move toward a One-World-Currency is driven by taxation.For his vulnerabilities to work, an attacker would have to own over 80% of all outputs on the blockchain Liar.Someone else can do the mining and Sybil transactions for profit.

Quote from: 3DBrushes on October 26, 2017, 05:57:36 PM Is dash really an anonymous coin.The current USA law criminalizes (up to a 20 year felony) accepting money that has a known criminal origin, but apparently if you have no reasonable idea of it being criminal in origin, then the law does not currently criminalize it.Unlike Monerotards, I know I can not be the best at everything.Governments have used terrorism as the excuse, and Money Laundering is now redefined as hiding money from the government even if taxes.I have read the technical specification of his Bitcoin killer.Anonymity will be incorporated into a major decentralized ledger.Quote from: supertee on August 08, 2017, 06:37:21 PM Yesterday, Verge Dev proofed on Twitter that Monero user-IPs can be found in the network.Quote from: fatlever on August 05, 2017, 01:09:30 AM All this appears to be a very far-fetched scenario and would very noticeable as the transaction volume spikes up.

How can anyone take someone who does that over and over seriously.This in theory results in a spiral that collapses the price of BTC and drives the price of BCH up.James Monroe (/ m ə n ˈ r oʊ /; April 28. criticized Monroe for having "lived and died like a second-rate Athenian. The Announcement of American Hegemony.Correct, privacy and ease-of-use are THE most important features going forward imo.I say that as an expert and as the author of the blog linked to from the OP of this thread.