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People just got on the eth and dash pumps. money wikl flow back soon.Battle of place at Brussels, and then, at the head of a magnificent.SideShowBob: Nordman, remember the days on crapsty we pushed it to 024.Xoblort: PRO TIP: Beware of phishing sites and links promising profits.HappyIdea: johnwick, someones been collecting for. over a year.They actually have real applications in the health industry running on their blockchain and making a huge difference.BathrobeBillionaire: they are screaming Bela cuz they got in too high on the pump.BathrobeBillionaire: Coinmaker, then jump when some new money comes in.SideShowBob: i will hunt online for months looking for the right deal then take cash and get it for even less.

Mirai: Cparker742016, let me look into that for you, one moment please.Shamoo: Girzan, they wanted you to sell, now theyre buying cheap.CRYPTOBANGer: SwordsMan, oh boi. i dont care. just a hint. look at it. or have you made of the XMR bubble. dash can really go nuts.RickRoller: BTC WITHDRAWALS seem to be working again, my two withdrawals from over an hour ago are in the mempool.RickRoller: LoPoXieN, no - I made a DEPOSIT 6 hours ago which is already on the ledger but not credited to my Poloniex account. bitcoin withdrawals seem to work.SideShowBob: wbe4ever, once i got sent to the prison hospital to the eye DR. i cant tell you how many young gansters were there with one eye saying they will never disrepect.Windzor: The cryptocurrency game is high volatile risk you win big or lose everything.Banhammer: ultramode banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

NooberDog: DalalBuffet, it already is, just have to find the right person to buy for that price.Pink: ChairmanDAO, btc and ETH arent in competition, they occupy their own fields, we dont need a payment system bogging up a distributed computing system.I am not sure how to escalate that now because the usual repsonse time is around 24 hours but I.BathrobeBillionaire: kingchef, I just explained.ETH Enterprise is taking all of ripples clients.

KinderChocolate: Jeez. the value of my holdings just keep going up and up.:).Umpocket: Savigny, I agree that in the long eth will be a good hold.Enforcer: BathrobeBillionaire, no one should be scared imo:) banks will just take technology and implement it for themselves only, no general public nothing.Excommunication, 1520. — The Diet of Worms, 1521. — Disappear-.

Zebra: KerCHING, thats where dash masternodes differ from new ethereum 2.0 concept.Shamoo: sar, id dump them if i were you.this is way outside the bbs.

Xoblort: PRO TIP: This pro tip will self destruct in 10 confirms. 10. 9. 8.Squidlings: Broketmrw, make a wall, reduces the price, buy more cheap. remove wall, price rises.BathrobeBillionaire: acolich, I have been with ETH since whitepaper and presale and still trying to understand it.Banhammer: bitcoinbillionaire banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Mirai.Nahkampfschaf: there are also some people here you can always trade the opposite of which they are suggesting.Juan1Ponce1De1Leon: All these crypto will be obsolete when the big corporations patent blockchain tech WHICH is happening Take your 100% and run.SideShowBob: Shamoo, ive lived there in the past its my favorite city.Alzheimer: micpro, roger ver on it, but hey, he just made millions out of investing in btc, so who knows.

Nordman: SideShowBob, hey it has been carnival the last couple of days.SideShowBob: Nordman, finally got my taxes done an to my suprise im getting a few k back.thanks obama care.

CashCow: lobujit, yes, which is why I am suprised dash broke higher today before anything official.Banhammer: Skellige68 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, Ironic you trade crypto currencies.

SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, ok to be honest i have buyin at 1155.Xoblort: talentedSquirrel, yes, make sure you store the new 16 digit code after you disabled it please, read about everything to minimize possible errors.Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings.

Mirai: myclearlife, it has to be reviewed by support, thank you for your patience.Mirai: BrainStormer, thank you for your patience and understanding.Agent86: Trollface15, Ok, so the permissioned chains interface with the public chain in the sense that ETH from one is used for the operations on the other.