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Looking for a designer who can take my sketch and turn it into a STL or autocad file for 3d printing.PLEASE READ THE BELOW INFO CAREFULLY I need google translate to be integrated in my site w w w. z i m p e x u k. c o m as per the attachment.jpg I need 5 languages to be present as the attachment.jpg.

We are looking for somone who can write up requirements, do wireframing, software testing and write instructions.We will supply the rigged character models and sets for animation.

LoPoXieN: RickRoller, than this method cant help you, what i know is good if you dont get any confirmation for a long time, its called btc transaction accelerator.The consultant should have work on Finance, Warehouse, Product Information and sales.Need to rewrite teh website contents with seo in mind in a professional manner.Pbitty: Bigolas, its working again,is it anychance could be quicker its taken 3 days to sort my withdrawal.OneDollarBill: stotoyan, i am a shrimp now, so i have to do that. when i grow up and be a whale, then i will be more cautious:D.

Just need to create account with name and email addresses and then verify the email.BathrobeBillionaire: the last tweet ripple posted is a little concerning for XRP holders.I need someone to create a new invoice template for my business using microsft word.Agent86: Trollface15, It will still use gas from the ETH network.

Terrik: SoundWave, probably just someone locking in some profit, no reason not too.Major Exchange Integration in few weeks dash partnership with blockpay.I have a photograph that was scanned from a passport and I want to remove the green lines that run through it.Private VOIP SIP System with Mobile Apps PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE BIDDING Overview We are looking to build a VOIP System for a private Wi-Fi network (no internet access), users will need to download the private VOIP App to their mobiles.No programming required, just images and design to integrate into current application.CroMiner: hc77, I just wanted to change my name to CroTrades since i,m not mining anymore:).Nahkampfschaf: eth has purpose and isnt just another payment coin. period.

BathrobeBillionaire: kingchef, I just explained.ETH Enterprise is taking all of ripples clients.Basic Internet skills like goggling, finding words in web site, finding image link in website is wanted.I can cancel that for you and you can re-queue, or you can just wait it out and it should process.Hi there i need one developer who have very good skill set with Javascript and Jquery. i need individual programmer not any agent. i am myself ASP.NET developer and i will ask you to share.I would like a similar layout but with my new class times for 2014 in an A5 size.CryptoMind: Last call for flight number ETH0.03 to the space.Agent86: R3 has shown that the idea of permissioned block chains only make sense if they interoperate with the public chain.Mirai: POLO TIP: If you would like to Margin Trade you can check out the features and read more about it here.

An online shopping website where we have different super markets,different fast food and restaurants listed. E.g Home - shoprite - pizza shop-kfc: whenever any of the menu tab is clickedon, it should.We are looking for minimum 5-10 seaters only and this is long term work.SoundWave: Someone put a whole lot of dash on the sell books lol.Hi, every body, we need writing experts to write software reviews for us.I need people who can call the Business Entities in US market and fix an appointment with the Business Owner regarding our services.Hi there, we have over 30,000 PDF documents that need to be merged when the first X digits of the file names match, then ordered by the following digits.

WE need marketplace website built. looking for someone who has time to dedicate to this project.I would like an iPhone app that allows users to subscribe to a service that will keep their iPhone insured for a small monthly price from screen damage or damage to the back glass.Nordman: hhrishi232492, benefit of retirement lots of free time.Unique selling point: Check in Google.worlds 1st ranking forex broker. you got 2 options.I need to market new facebook page on internet with cheap price.The design will be similar to previous campaigns to follow a theme.Looking Cheap rate youtube video LIkes, please let me know your rate for YT likes i have a lot of projects about YT views and likes, Must let me know your price each 1k.

J2SE - java program to convert text to mysql - xml and vice versa - repost.

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ABBA: Zebra, Agent86, SunshineTT, rollsa, many many thanks for your kind reply.OneDollarBill: i am playing with fire. managed to short dash 2 times now with profits:DD.