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We also compared VMVM to a well known Test Suite Minimization technique, finding the reduction provided by VMVM to be four times greater, while still executing every test with no loss of fault-finding ability.What can we learn from historic data that is collected in three software companies that on a daily basis had to cope with highly complex project portfolios.Automated program repair recently received considerable attentions, and many techniques on this research area have been proposed.This shift places a premium on the efficient comparative evaluation of non-functional properties of designs in such spaces.An Automated Approach to Detect Violations with High Confidence in Incremental Code using a Learning System Radhika D.Being able to automatically repair programs is at the same time a very compelling vision and an extremely challenging task.This is reflected in the severity score summary which was about 60% higher for MBT than Manual.

Modern development life-cycles are founded on a sequence of iterative and incremental steps through which the initial incomplete description of the system evolves into its final, fully detailed, specification.This is done by proposing a new framework to learn the relationship between CC and WC projects explicitly, allowing CC models to be mapped to the WC context.A system may fail due to an internal bug or a fault in its execution environment.

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We adapt CIT to refactoring tools and show that alternate refactoring paths are indicators of the usability problems of refactoring tools.To address this problem we have developed a Privacy Requirements Distillation approach that employs a problem analysis framework to extract and refine privacy requirements for mobile applications from raw data gathered through empirical studies involving end users.Model checking is applied to a number of real-world problem reports, associated with aero-engine monitoring functions, to determine whether it can provide a practical route into effective verification, particularly for non-specialists.The quality of the summary depends heavily on the process of selecting the subset: a high-quality selection would contain the same statements and keywords that a programmer would choose.It identifies a set of thread scheduling constraints based on a novel should-happen-before relation.

In this idea paper, we propose a novel way for improving the testing of program changes via symbolic execution.A well-trained software engineering workforce is a key to success in a highly competitive environment.In this paper we describe a study with 14 interviewees and 364 survey respondents.One of these advantages for the IDE provider is the ability to transparently monitor and analyze the real-time fine-grained actions of a large number of developers.

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We implemented the app clone detection system and evaluated it on five whole Android markets (including 150,145 apps, 203 million methods and 26 billion opcodes).We provide a way to represent a desired feature with two executions that both execute the feature but with different inputs.

This paper characterizes the contracts that developers write, the contracts that developers could write, and how a developer reacts when shown the difference.Educators have sought to prepare students for this challenge through hands-on software development projects.Program comprehension is an important cognitive process that inherently eludes direct measurement.Long term reliance on cloning is discouraged in favor of systematic reuse offered by product line engineering (PLE) with a central platform integrating all reusable assets.We use preliminary taxonomies to demonstrate, through a prototype IDE, how the taxonomies make notifications and their resolutions more consistent and unified.Cowboys, Ankle Sprains, and Keepers of Quality: How Is Video Game Development Different from Software Development.In response, we present a tailored ecosystem of software engineering models, methods, and tools.

These proposed requirements models are capable of modeling both structural and behavioral entities present in a use case.We describe how we integrated this workflow and the role of the release manager into our project-based organization and how we introduced it using different teaching methods.In the second phase, users can explore the graph directly or run custom analysis scripts written using a convenient API.Comparing Test Quality Measures for Assessing Student-Written Tests Stephen H.To this end, two parallel lines of research have emerged over the last years.Reuse-Oriented Reverse Engineering of Functional Components from X86 Binaries Dohyeong Kim, William N.However, focussed studies on enterprise software maintenance in an industrial setting is severely lacking.We use historical defect data to apprise the two approaches, compare them, and seek synergies.

Crowdsourcing is an emerging and promising approach which involves delegating a variety of tasks to an unknown workforce - the crowd.BOAT is an extensible web application that contains thousands of bug reports with known defective source code files.Sample text for Minds, machines, and the multiverse: the quest for the quantum computer / Julian Brown. the difficulty of finding the factors of large numbers.

However, this abstraction does not come for free: understanding how to use an API can be difficult.We find that synchronized co-commits between developers are associated with their effective productivity and coordination: during co-commit bursts, vs. at other times, the project size grows faster even though the overall coding effort slows down.Only when encountering values that are different depending on specific configurations will the execution split to run for each of them.When a spreadsheet evolves, these cell clusters can degenerate due to ad hoc modifications or undisciplined copy-and-pastes.This paper presents a technique (and its tool implementation, called ConfSuggester) to troubleshoot configuration errors caused by software evolution.To address this problem, we propose a technique called GhostFactor separating transformation and correctness checking: we allow the developer to transform code manually, but check the correctness of her transformation automatically.Inter-organizational exchange of personal information raises significant challenges in domains such as healthcare.

This paper directly compares all three methods of measuring test quality in terms of how well they predict the observed bug revealing capabilities of student-written tests when run against a naturally occurring collection of student-produced defects.Modern software often exposes configuration options that enable users to customize its behavior.Full-blown projects on Ethereum, including converting existing platforms.Existing techniques achieve either accuracy or scalability, but not both.They involve nested data objects with no corresponding names or types.This involves the use of complex primitives and writing error-prone multithreaded code to monitor hardware state.Such degenerated clusters no longer keep cells prescribing the same computational semantics, and are said to exhibit ambiguous computation smells.

To demonstrate the usefulness of our findings, we implemented a static code analyzer, PerfChecker, to detect our identified performance bug patterns.The migration process is often performed manually or semi-automatically, in which developers are required to manually define translation rules and API mappings.We use recordings of these sessions and conceptualize the phenomena seen. Results: 1.Skilled pairs may bridge the awareness deficits without visible obstruction of the overall process. 2.Skilled pairs may use the additional editing freedom in a useful limited fashion, resulting in potentially better fluency of the process than local pair programming.These difficulties include how to make the benefits of RDSE visible to students and how to establish an acceptable balance between engineering principle and the software practice embodied RDSE.For example, (i) commits made in distributed repositories were 32% smaller than the centralized ones, (ii) developers split commits more often in DVCS, and (iii) DVCS commits are more likely to have references to issue tracking labels.

Some key results include: 1) the most experienced contributors authored the majority of the VCCs, 2) while less experienced authors wrote fewer VCCs, their code changes were 1.5 to 24 times more likely to be vulnerable, 3) employees of the organization sponsoring the OSS projects are more likely to write VCCs.Furthermore, managing variability and evolution is success-critical in VLSS verification and validation.We find that the shape of the defect curves is sufficiently determined by three external and readily available release cycle attributes: the product type, the license model, and the cycle time between releases.

We present VeriWS, a tool to verify combined functional and non-functional requirements of Web service composition.This distribution comes at a cost -- distributed teams face challenges from differing cultures, skill levels, and a lack of shared working hours.To tackle this problem, we present Visualizer for eVent-based Architectures, ViVA, a tool that effectively visualizes the large number of messages and dependencies that can be exchanged between components and the order in which the exchange of messages occur.Privacy and Security Requirements Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) Israa Alqassem Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates.We propose a novel approach, DeCAF (Development Context Analysis Framework), that leverages the development context to scope a change impact analysis technique.Therefore, a method is needed for integrating adaptive UI capabilities into these systems without incurring a high cost or significantly disrupting the way they function.However, it is challenging for students with less experience on team software development to cultivate the self-organizing team by themselves.