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PECULIUM First Saving System in CryptoCurrency Driven by Artificial Intelligence.If you choose 1 Bitcoin than 10 Ethereum, 1 bitcpin is higher than 10 Ethereum.All crypto projects basically take the etherium, this crypto coin has a brilliant future.BLOCKCHAIN FOR FINANCIAL INDUSTRY ICO PERIOD: 15 Feb. - 28 Feb., 2018 whitepaper.If I prefer 10 ETH because today many markets use ETH including ICO, all payments are via ETH, so there is a big chance to invest in ETH.ETH price stability is very possible to make a good sale and purchase,ETH will never go down very deep,even tend to rise slowly but for sure, eth is very promising,even from the first until now I love it this coin.If BTC price increases ETH price sometimes increases sometimes not.

Whatever amount I had to invest (unless it was very small), I would split it across several coins.The price raised so much this year. a hard decision hard decision but if looking on its chart eth went to.2btc and if you have 10 eth you will be able to have 2btc maybe before end of this year you are just investing to grow more your btc and with those ico which will be on its way eth will grow more so I think eth will be a good in both ways.I would prefer BTC in the beginning and wait for a while till bearish trend completed for altcoins. after fork completed i would sell my bitcoin and buy more ethereum.

For me both of this coins are good to invest for a long term profit.And holding 1 btc versus 10 eth will be more profitable than ever.

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And also bitcoin will earn a lot of profit if the bitcoin price hit 3000 dollars in the month of august.If you think Bitcoin is slow you should check Ethereum when a new big ICO raise money.Quote from: Wendigo on July 24, 2017, 07:53:26 PM Split your investments 50:50 or 30:70 in favor of Bitcoin.But Ethereum is almost as good to invest in, but with smaller returns.IMO you should invest to eth because btc price already climbed to highest level of history.Dont forget to hold your investment on hard wallets.

Since ETH will be more dominatin over BTC, 10 ETH would be better in long run.Better to keep your private keys away from computers and do every transfer on clean pc You do not necessarily.There is a simple reason for it: your Ethereum value will increased in BTC, and your Bitcoin value will increase in USD.Therefore i would invest in ethereum rather bitcoin now because the price is to high now.

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Eth will be good choices instead of bitcoin.10 eth is a good amount for holding.ETH has a bright future that I you can buy ETH coin without any hesitation.

Each investment in Bitcoin today, after some time can double.If Ethereum start to rise because his improvements than it will go up many times.I would definitely choose 10 ETH because I think in future ETH will be more used, especially in large projects, even ETH can overcome Bitcoin if ETH market continues to grow strongly in time forthcoming.But Etherium is surely going to earn some more value appreciation before the year ends.Meanwhile, ETH is rising strongly, So you should invest in ETH now to get profit in short time.

I think it is better to have 1 BTC than 10 ETH because as we know BTC is the best and most valuable cryptocurrency of all time so I think it is better to have 1 BTC than 10 ETH.Yeah I agree with many of these comments, Eth would be my choice, its used as a fuel to buy into ICO coins, if you find a good coin you like (for example i bought into the Bitquence ICO) you can then use 1-2 eth each one and either make a decent return (40 x on bitquence) or use the coins themselves for the intended purposes.Both of them are good coin so you should not be worried about risks.BLO CKCHA I N BASE D Inf lue nce r Mar keting Platf orm ANN Thread.I think 1 btc would be better than 10 et karna with the current price is still far when compared with eth, btc may add value to you.Eth is not capable of producing the profits that are quite easily exhibited by bitcoins.Because the op is probably thinking about maximizing its profits and if he does that.Better to diversify: 25% BTC 25% ETH 50% For 10 coins you like from TOP 25 coinmarketcap.Which one to buy depends on a lot of factors I think bitcoin is going to grow a lot in the next months so I will choose bitcoin but then I will change to ETH since I think that despite the great amount of market cap that it has lost I think it is going to eventually recover it so it is a good investment after bitcoin reaches its top price in the next months.

Quote from: Falgorn on September 06, 2017, 11:15:45 PM Bitcoin is the best investment for the long term.At this point, buying etherum has the most meaning, what is going on, gives the basis for thinking that someday it will be valued far more than bitcoin.If they choose Bitcoin while you just invested in Ethereum, you will miss the chance make profits from Bitcoin and reverse.Still the value of bitcoin is bigger than eth but take note the price of eth has reach 0.1btc this year so there will be a chance of.coming back.of eth sooner or.later. Though if we are talking.the price right now lot.of us still chose bitcoin if the price is.2btc of eth then.we will choose eth though.Quote from: HODL to the moon on July 26, 2017, 08:11:44 AM Always split up your investment.Its forward techonology will allow us to launch our cryptocurrency GLOBCOIN in January.I think bitcoin was more superior than ethereum, then if I have 1 bitcoin I can used it into business and investment if matter.Both have the potential to increase, but if you want to buy and save it first, I advise to choose 1Btc that you have to buy.

I know that the price is increasing so why not choose bitcoin and have 7500 dollars quickly in your pocket rather having 10 ETH who is not that popular now.Check the price, ETH is worth less than 0.1 BTC, so it is better 1 BTC than 10ETH.I think you can invest all the coins and choose another powerful coin think about it.Diversified holding helps to avoid loss happening due the price fluctuations.